The shining star of the era: Jasprit Bumrah

3 min readJul 13, 2022


Many fast bowlers create a persona for themselves. While he was playing, Curtly Ambrose never gave interviews, virtually turning into this legendary, untouchable character impervious to human frailties. In his interviews, Mohammad Asif frequently came across as disdainful of batters; in one famous instance, he bemoaned the fact that AB de Villiers was dismissed too quickly, depriving him of the satisfaction of a full setup and the payout. Most frequently, they resemble cricket’s rock stars: odd, unique, and definitely not pop. They give you the impression that they are invincible.

Jaspreet Bumrah

After a certain point, quick bowling develops into a way of life. After six hours of play, they still have their quick bowling ability. like the veteran professional wrestlers of yesteryear who never violated kayfabe It makes sense why many fast bowlers enjoy pro wrestling.

When Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a little child, Grizzly Smith, his father, used to tell Jake that he was preparing to move the family out of town because his rival wrestlers were after him. Naturally, the Internet then destroyed the fourth wall and ushered in the Reality Era, in which wrestlers virtually ever maintain their characters outside of events.

Jasprit Bumrah would be considered a part of the Reality Era if he ever became a professional wrestler. Bumrah doesn’t contribute to any myth-building when he performs well — or, to be more precise, when the outcome is positive, as Bumrah would call it and others should as well — and when the praise is pouring in. Instead, he decides to remain grounded and authentic, as he puts it.

Bumrah was a member of an assault that failed to stop 377 runs in a Test’s fourth innings only last Monday and Tuesday. They didn’t even approach posing a threat to England. He moved at 4.35 runs per over. A week later, Bumrah has six wickets in just over seven overs in an ODI against the same hitters. Of course, Bumrah bowled well at The Oval, dazzling the crowd with his ball-swinging motion and utilizing the pitch’s seam movement, but what he attempted to accomplish wasn’t all that different from what he does on his worst days.

Fast bowling is a difficult profession, but it’s also a career for optimists. In the end, you are tricking your body into doing things it was not intended to accomplish. As a result, a lot of fast bowlers internalize the idea that they are the best that they have ever been, are, and will ever be. Bumrah? Even though a reputable expert like Nasser Hussain refers to him as the best bowler in all forms right now, he doesn’t take it seriously.

It will always be like this in cricket. The majority of cricket players and spectators dislike discussing luck and circumstances since it is often believed that these factors are the antithesis of talent. That is the furthest thing from the truth.

The white Kookaburra has been swinging more than normal and for a longer period of time, while the Dukes Test balls have moved less and gone soft earlier than typical in England. Bumrah also had a green pitch on a humid afternoon. He said that this simplified his task, allowing him to bowl line and length rather than trying to force the action on flat ODI pitches.




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