T20 World Cup: Dinesh Karthik has a back Cramp, Could be doubtful vs Bangladesh

2 min readOct 31, 2022

Karthik has had an underwhelming tournament so far.

As he scored 1 against Pakistan and 6 off 15 balls against South Africa.

Karthik’s injury could pave way for Rishabh Panth’s entry into the playing XI.

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In India’s upcoming T20 World Cup match against Bangladesh on Wednesday, senior wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik will be a questionable starter due to back spasms that caused him to leave the field during the final five overs of the South Africa game. Karthik’s injury might allow Rishabh Pant to be into the starting XI. On Sunday, Karthik left the field owing to injury. Pant continued to keep wickets from the 16th over until the finish of the match against South Africa.

The primary reason could be extremely cold conditions which can cause this kind of niggles.

The Seriousness of his back injury is not revealed by the BCCI medical team. But if it is a minor one. It typically takes three to five days for the discomfort to go away.

“Karthik experienced lower back ache. His injury’s severity is not to revelaed. The medical staff is attempting to get him fit. Since heat therapy and massages have a quick-acting analgesic effect. Don’t discount him just yet, “Under the condition of anonymity, a senior BCCI official familiar with the development told PTI.

Karthik has had an underwhelming tournament so far as he scored 1 against Pakistan and 6 off 15 balls against South Africa.

He is a designated finisher, but his inability to handle the pace and bounce at Perth’s Optus Stadium, combined with Suryakumar Yadav’s lack of any help during their 52-run stand, did draw some criticism.

For leaving a counterattacking player like Pant out of the lineup, the Indian coaching staff has also come under fire.

Pant has had incredible success in Test matches in Australia. In comparison to Karthik, he is a superior player of horizontal bat shots.

Pant has been tremendous in the past series of Asia cup 2022 and Series with South Africa. However, Pant can be a good replacement after Dinesh Karthik Injuries.

India is to square off Bangladesh on Nov 2nd at Adelaide oval.




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