Shaheen Afridi — Next big thing for Pakistan

2 min readOct 12, 2022

Youngest and Brightest Child

Shaheen, the youngest and possibly the most talented member of a family of seven, was the youngest in the family. Shaheen has always had a tremendous passion for cricket, although he was more into tennis-ball cricket before his older brother Riaz, a Pakistan one-Test wonder who has also served as Shaheen’s inspiration and instructor, showed him the actual game.

Shaheen Afridi
Image Source: ICC

Shaheen Afridi has unfathomably amazing potential, which cannot be denied. Afridi shares the same physical traits as his renowned predecessor, including a tall, gangly build and the ability to bowl rapidly. With the bat in his hand, he can hit the ball very hard as well. It becomes obvious why Pakistanis are so fascinated with this person when you take into account all of the above and his versatility as a left-arm bowler.

Shaheen’s transformation as a lead pacer for Pakistan

Shaheen’s transition has gone incredibly well, and she quickly advanced through the ranks. Having the opportunity to interact with some of the greatest in the industry thanks to the Pakistan Super League has also been beneficial.

Shaheen, who is still a teenager, has grown more resilient as a result of the exposure. Even though he is still relatively inexperienced and his domestic career has only lately begun to get traction, there is evidence to suggest that, depending on how Pakistan manages him, he could be a threat in the years to come.

Shaheen’s Performance in the 2019 ODI World Cup

Despite not participating in all of the matches, Shaheen had a strong 2019 World Cup performance. With 16 wickets in the competition, he produced a strong pace and delivered fine variations at the end. In an otherwise terrible competition, Shaheen was one of Pakistan’s few shining moments.

Even though he made his Test debut at the beginning of this year, it would be intriguing to observe how the PCB and the team management manage his workload considering the young player’s propensity for injuries. For the time being, it seems prudent to save him for the shorter formats when he can be a lethal opponent.

Shaheen will be back in action after suffering from an Injury

Shaheen is now being considered for the exhibition games against England on October 17 and Afghanistan on October 19, respectively. During these games, the team management will evaluate Shaheen’s level of match fitness.

After completing his recovery program under the guidance of the PCB Medical Advisory Committee*, Pakistan fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi will re-join the national team as scheduled on Saturday, October 15, for the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Australia 2022 in Brisbane.




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