Newly Elected President Roger Binny points out his goal to improve the standards of BCCI

2 min readOct 19, 2022


Roger Binny, the new BCCI president, stated on Tuesday that frequent injuries to star players in India are a cause for concern shortly after entering the office and vowed to “get to the bottom of it all.”

After being tapped to lead the BCCI. Roger Binny has made improving the Indian cricket pitches one of his top goals. And by that, he means enhancing their vibrancy to resemble Australian grounds so that Indian players won’t struggle when on international tours.

Roger Binny
Image Source: ICC

Past Injury Concerns of Indian players

PTI reports suggest that the NCA had 70 visits from players in the 2021–22 season. Including 23 from the senior men’s national team. According to a report written by BCCI CEO Hemang Amin.

Binny’s Comments

In response to questions from the media, Binny said, “We will look to improve on what we can do to limit the injuries to players. Players getting frequently injured is a concern. And we wish to get to the bottom of it all and see how it can be changed for the better.”

“We have excellent doctors and trainers at the National Cricket Academy (in Bengaluru), but we must look to reduce the injuries and improve recovery.”

In addition to addressing the issue of player injuries, Binny emphasized the significance of enhancing Indian domestic cricket pitches. “There needs to be more life in the wickets at home. So that our teams would not have the problem of adjusting when traveling abroad like in Australia. Where there is more pace and bounce.”

Binny’s Journey To Becoming The BCCI Chief

Considering the age restriction of 70 set forth in the BCCI constitution for administrators and office holders. Binny is qualified to serve a single term of three years as president of the BCCI at the age of 67. Prior to taking the helm of the BCCI. Binny worked as an administrator for the Karnataka State Cricket Association, a national selector, and a member of Kapil Dev’s World Cup-winning Indian squad in 1983. He also moved into coaching.

Jay Shah Secretary For The Second Time

In addition to Jay Shah, who was re-elected as secretary for a second consecutive term. World Cup winner Binny, 67, was elected without opposition at the BCCI AGM (Annual General Meeting).

Ganguly, who will take over as president of the Cricket Association of Bengal as per reports. He attended the meeting in his capacity as an official from the company.




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