New cricket rules updated by International Cricket Council (ICC)

3 min readSep 20, 2022

A new set of rules that have been proposed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) are expected to have a big influence on the sport. The ICC has announced several modifications to the rules of play that were accepted by the ICC Cricket Committee, which is chaired by BCCI president Sourav Ganguly. The new regulations will take effect from October 1st, 2022.

Image Source: ICC

The new regulations will be put into play during the T20 World Cup in 2022 and might have a significant influence on the game.

ICC’s New Cricket Rules:

Batters returning when caught: Whether or not the batters crossed before the catch was made, when a batter is Caught out, the next batter enters where the end of the striker was.

Use of saliva to polish the ball: It is thought suitable for the restriction to be made permanent as it has been in effect in international cricket for more than two years as a temporary Covid-related precaution.

Incoming batter ready to face the ball: In Tests and ODIs, an incoming batter must now be prepared to take a strike within two minutes, although the T20 International time limit of 90 seconds remains in effect.

Striker’s right to play the ball: This is constrained to demand that their person or a portion of their bat remain on the playing surface. If they go any further, the umpire will indicate a “Dead ball” and call it. Any ball that forces the hitter off the field is sometimes referred to as a no-ball.

Unfair movement by the fielding side: Now, in addition to calling dead ball, any unfair or intentional movement made as the bowler is running into the bowl could result in the umpire awarding the batting side five penalty runs.

Running out of the non-striker: The Playing Conditions move this way causing a Run out from the “Unfair Play” section to the “Run out” section following the Laws.

Bowler throwing towards striker’s end before delivery: Before, a bowler might throw the ball to try to run out the striker if they noticed the batter moving toward the wicket as they started their delivery stride. This exercise will henceforth be known as a Dead ball.

Other major decisions: After the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup Super League concludes in 2023, the in-game penalty that was first implemented in T20Is in January 2022 (wherein the failure of a fielding team to bowl their overs by the scheduled cessation time results in an additional fielder having to be brought inside the fielding circle for the remaining overs of the innings) will also be used in ODI matches.

We will have to wait and see how these new rules affect the game when something new is introduced, which means it is for the betterment of the future but here in his case, we will have to watch out for the impacts created by these new rules.




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