“Ee Sala Cup Namde” Royal Challengers Bangalore step out again to full fill their dream

Unfull filled dream of a city to bring the IPL trophy to Bangalore

2 min readDec 26, 2022

The Indian Premier League’s Bengaluru-based cricket team is called Royal Challengers Bangalore, or RCB (IPL). United Spirits Limited, a member of the Diageo Group, is the team’s owner.

RCB improved from being in the bottom two in 2008 to placing second in 2009 and reaching the semifinals in 2010. When they reached the final in 2011, the team enjoyed three consecutive successful seasons. Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by Virat Kohli, finished second once more in 2016.

How the Name Royal Challengers Bangalore was selected

Whether it was McDowell’s №1 or Royal Challenge, Vijay Mallya intended to tie the team to one of his best-selling alcoholic beverage lines. The name comes from the choice of the latter. That’s how the name Royal Challengers Bangalore came up.

How did the Phrase “Ee Sala Cup Namde” come up

The phrase “Ee Sala Cup Namde” was coined by a group of fans in the Kannada language, which is primarily spoken in Karnataka, the state where the team is based. This is where the cheer’s origins can be traced. This Kannada phrase can be roughly translated into the English phrase “This year the cup is ours”

Have Won the Title Zero Times

Although they haven’t won the IPL, the Royal Challengers have placed second three times between 2009 and 2016. However, it is not sure if they will win thing time around, every time something or the other thing happens and they fail to lift the IPL trophy.

New Leadership Responsibility in the RCB dressing room

RCB made the playoffs in 2022 thanks to the capable guidance of Director of Cricket Operations Mike Hesson, Head Coach Sanjay Bangar, and captain Faf du Plessis the side has now accomplished this accomplishment for a third straight season. The team is made up of a superb mix of established talents on the world stage and up-and-comers.

RCB is Hungry for the First-ever IPL title

RCB doesn’t have a lot of money to play with as it continues to pursue its first title win. It still has to fix several gaps and has the second-smallest remaining purse. On its priority list will be an Indian batter.

It might target an Indian opener to pair with Faf du Plessis as the captain, allowing Virat Kohli to play at his preferred №3 position. If Kohli keeps playing opener, RCB might opt for a middle-order alternative as well.




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