Can Shakib al Hasan turn around Bangladesh’s T20I results?

2 min readSep 12, 2022

Shakib al Hasan exhibits confidence despite all the odds stacked against him, but it is too soon to say whether he will boost Bangladesh’s performance in T20 matches.

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In a recent interview, the skipper stated that “If I say something I know nobody will refuse but I prefer taking a decision after discussing it with everyone. I don’t prefer something like I am doing it because it is my wish. What I want to say is that if I feel that I want it I feel that I will get it but that does not imply whatever I want things to have to happen that way.”

It’s extremely uncommon to catch Shakib in the best of moods, making it all the more surprising to discover him in that frame of mind following the Asia Cup elimination.

When asked about the challenges he is facing being the skipper of the Bangladesh team, he replied saying “In every country and everywhere else there is a different kind of challenge (for a captain). Here (in Bangladesh) there is one kind of challenge while in franchise cricket there might be another kind of challenge. Leading another nation or cricket board is a different challenge. It’s just that somewhere it is more and somewhere it is less and some can be handled and some are difficult but the challenge is everywhere no matter how big or how bad the cricket board is.”

Talking about the fielding mistakes, Shakib stated that “(Catching) is definitely a concern. I don’t think we have ever been a good fielding unit. It is disappointing. If we have to improve, we need to change our mind-set. Fielding is one area you can improve overnight, but if there’s fear, it can have a negative impact on you. There will be misses. The best of the fielders have missed catches. But it is important how much you enjoy fielding because it will reduce the percentage of failure, but we have to make sure we reach the ball and try 100% to take that catch. Sometimes we start late and we can’t reach a catch. That’s more disappointing, rather than the catch being dropped. Your desire to go under the ball in time is paramount. Within five to ten days, we can improve significantly if we can change this attitude.”

Let’s hope for the best and only time will tell how the Bangladesh team develops under the leadership of Shakib.




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