As players run in all directions for matches, ICC hopes to retain all format players

2 min readAug 7, 2022

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is confident about keeping the game’s all-format players despite their hectic workload in a hectic schedule, according to chief executive Geoff Allardice.

Image Source: Twitter

Ben Stokes, the captain of England, left the 50-over format last month due to an “unsustainable” schedule, while India’s Virat Kohli has spoken out against the players’ increasing workload. Allardice informed the ESPNcricinfo website that there will still be players for all formats.

“A different concern is whether they participate in every match that their nation scheduled in various forms.” The schedule has been strained by the growth of franchise-based leagues and the ICC’s own aspirations to host one major tournament year.

Players prioritizing different formats is not a brand-new occurrence, according to Allardice, who also noted that the current calendar had backlogs from when the pandemic forced the postponement of multiple matches.

The split between players participating in domestic competitions and those playing international cricket, he noted, “will undoubtedly continue to change.” “I’m hoping that the top athletes participate in international cricket as frequently as they can.”

He said that the majority of players still had a “great ambition” to compete in World Cups and ICC competitions. Finding a balance in their calendar year’s activities, including which international contests, series, and leagues they should participate in, is the key.

Furthermore, he added, the issue was not widespread. Only a small number of nations will need to take such action. Many nations are interested in playing international matches. There is a lot of interest in international cricket among the participants, he remarked. According to Allardice, it was up to individual boards to deal with the issue of players’ workload. “The management of their players, it’s not always something that bounces off to the ICC on any type of regular basis,” said the speaker.




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